• Programming is an art of demonstrating your mental skills, ability to manipulate and logically prove your intelligence.

    What actually matters is grey matter.

    This world is far bigger than unity followed by twenty-two noughts.

    I am not a mathematician, but don't tell me; 1+1 is 4.

    Pulse Rate and Lifespan are inversely related.
    Faster your heart beats, quicker you die.

    An organisation may lie over a mountain of lies; it exists not due to this mountain but a stone of truth.

    The angle between what I should be and what I’m is tending towards zero.

    Today, none can claim out to be a celebrity unless one can be Googled out and has a Wikipedia page optionally.

    A man is not known by his face or demeanour or even by his work but by his intentions.

    Stand Tall! Even if you have lost all hope.

    My eyes wander over the horizon for a basic question ever asked;

    I shall always win as I have science in one hand and faith in the other.

    Fight is the only science "mis"understood by man.

    As a wave hitting against the mountain, its fate is certain.
    Just like our lives; how strong we may be. We all share our fate to perish.

    Now for a long time I have been thinking; was it worth; my education funding the Vatican?

    Either the extremely good or extremely bad win many hearts.

    Democracy is the best form of government for a witty criminal.

    One is an intelligent person who might not know the answer but asks the question.

    I don’t fight vaguely or valiantly, I fight greatly.

    Anger can never be legitimized especially in terms of violence. If one can, he is a lesser human.

    I think the best job in the world is being a philosopher, you have to do nothing; even this can be a quote.

    The crime rate of a nation determines its freedom with inverse proportionality.

    A picture always talks to the photographer.

    Never un-expect future.
    Un-expect its consequence.

    Life is not determined by our decisions being right or wrong but better among the rights' and wrongs'.

    If left untamed, an angry mind will grow rogue and diminish intellect.

    Randomness is the product of our ineptness to fully understand the entire sample space with all variables.

    Now there will not be world war but war of the worlds.

    This world, we live in is so weird that just to qualify enough to live [hereafter], you have to die in a better way. This is perfect deception.

    We grow to earn;
    We earn to eat;
    We eat to live;
    we live to die,

    Death is uncertain of time; unlike afterlife.

    I was born as a muslim. But it is not the only reason for me being so!

    CHARITY WAR begins at home.

    Islam isn’t what today's Muslim follows,
    it's what a Muslim should follow.

    The logic Nazis give in "The Eternal Jew" is correct, but their solution is far from being correct.

    The Hitler's theory on its victims was correct,
    his punishment right (morally wrong) and
    his decision constitutionally legal.

    In Iraq war, I don't know who’s right or wrong.
    One thing I know for sure is that I can never side with those who send their women to fight for them.

    Till the final hour is established, this world will be just like "Tom & Jerry" where the intelligent rat (spreading corruption) shall be victorious.

    If i-state is about Islam and Israel is about Jews, then let’s not forget that Jewish state is only about Jews while Islamic state is not only about Muslims.

    Mould your future for your future will primarily depends upon present not on your past.

    A nation that’s barely worth a “Czar” is dictating terms to the mankind.

    I view the nations on this planet in terms of the no. of thermonuclear devices required to wipe it off.

    Three things I remind about Afghanistan:
    One, Afghan girl, Sharbat Gula;
    Two, Alexander (the great)’s quote on the revenge of Afghans;
    Three, it is part of Khurasan and its prophecy.

    People with IQ < 100 are not only fools but a threat to mankind as their base of decision making is more of knowledge rather than intelligence.

    Ai Yes! Even the white flags have the black shadow.

    If worked diligently, women are the jewel of the nation;
    otherwise a wasteful distraction.

    Girls are like water reservoirs with very high potential; and men are their controllers.
    If controlled properly they shall yield positive energy throughout their lifetime, otherwise just flood out the area.

    ψ 2 = zilch (Probability ne'er even subsists}.

    I'm more than 90% times right but don't judge me for the 10% times I'm wrong.

    The best genetic engineering is cross breeding naturally among gene pools.

    Alexander (the great) and Mikhail Kalashnikov are the two people in the military world that deserve highest levels of respect.

    Capt. Jack Sparrow (30%), Will Smith (60%) and Pres. Vladimir Putin (10%) represent me in personality.

    I shall command my army through hardships to victory.

    I'm neither the product of my environment nor my past.

    I have the muscle that has made mankind so distinct.

    To do anything one needs two things, technical know-how and the will to do it.

    Every nation has fault lines which can bring it down to shambles; only if the right chords are struck.

    As there was a hen who lay golden egg; there are people who produce golden ides every time they think.

    Today, religions are less a religion more a tradition being driven according to one’s apparent benefit.

    In modern world, if pop-stars become younger than you, it means; you are grown up.

    Human race is populated by the supporters of the religion not by its followers.

    Love thy creator not because you ought to but because you are special.

    You can be one in a billion, seven billion or 125 billion or none. It’s up to you.

    Weird is something when some guy of different ethnicity comes to your home and your mom says,
    “Meet your cousin”.

    Even if I wake up late; I wake up on time.

    Roar like a lion, but don’t bark like a dog.

    The only thing predictable about future is its uncertainty.

    Our physical appearance might change with time but not the static emotional state of being.

    If the shockwave of the big-bang was not faster than the speed of light, then probably nothing would have existed, at least not in this form.

    Creativity backtracks to intelligence.

    If you try to bring "democracy" to us. We will bring justice to you.

    Our life is too short for copyrighting things.

    Closer to home is closer to heart.

    It is human nature that we connect the dots (always); otherwise there is nothing like a constellation.

    When you are near me, I feel less guilty of a crime.

    Every human today is a product of a war among our ancestors.

    Faith; wins it all.

    Faith is a great healer.

    Me being intelligent; no its others being fools.

    Courage comes in all sizes.

    Information can only be created (but not destroyed) in this Universe.

    Information increases with respect to movement in spacetime; even if the "time" moves (theoretically) in reverse direction.

    Information relates to a pattern of matter at a particular instant of time. It always remains eternal (saved somewhere).

    Information is generated all the time. We can only feel like modifying a part of it (i.e; us). Thus all is destined.

    Selfie is girlish.

    The ultimate material desire I possess is taming my own collection of the Kalashnikov.

    Women are like computer programs. Their logic may be stupid but sturdy.

    I ain't living for anyone or anything, but for the sake of living.

    Do not forget that your genetics root back to Adam.

    Less people shall suffer if "logy" is truncated from "Astrology".

    I hate people saying, "I recognized you by your walk!"; coz I know, I don't walk like a rock-star but like a dinosaur.

    If you punch an RCC wall, you don't blame the wall for the damage.

    A good cameraman can always be a good sniper.

    Intelligent people tend to act dumb at times.

    Computer does not talk to hackers but anyone who speaks to it.

    Only almighty can protect you from physical hacking.

    Robots are mimicking gimmicks of human brain.

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